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Creating A Website 

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Bring Your Business Online with Our No-Code and Robust Website Builder

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How to launch your own website in a few steps?

Tapiocan Editor Overview

1. Sign up free

2. Choose your free website template

3. Customize content with drag-and-drop--NO CODING

4. Connect your design with your domain

5. Done! You have it.

No credit card required.

We have hundreds of templates and dozens of widgets for you to create a professional website

With products management, booking service and automation, you can build a web for your needs in no time

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Logo Design


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Optimzied SEO

Customize your site


With our SEO optimization, our web can be the top in the Google search engine.


Pick a template and customize anything with just drag-and-drop


Numbers of Templates

No Coding Required

Hundreds of templates for you to choose to build a custom designed website that stands out.

Build an online platform without writing a line of code.



Mobile Friendly

With our mobile editor, you can manage your website anytime from your phones.

With multiple payment options, secure payment, integrate social media networks, and online store management system, you can easily run your business online. 

1000+ Website Templates Designed by Professionals

Find the website templates specified for your industry. You can either keep the template design and fill with your own contents or customzie each element 


Have some questions?

Frequently Asked Questiones

How much does it cost?


Tapiocan has two subscription plans: the Basic plan which you will have a free 30-day trial, and the Pro plan which includes all the exclusive features of Tapiocan and costs CAD19 / month including tax or CAD190 / year, always including tax.


What's included?


The Pro plan is all-inclusive which includes domain with the extension you want, 5 emails of 5gb each, unlimited space and bandwidth, statistics, SEO tools, email and sms marketing, automations, e-commerce, online booking system and much more! 

Can you create my site?

Our team is always here to help.
Our experience team will create your website tailored to your needs and
your business. The site will be created on Tapiocan, this means that after delivery you will be able to access your work area to manage and update the contents as many times as you want.

Can I switch to Tapiocan from another platform?


Yes of course!

​You have several options:

If you already have a domain: You can transfer your domain to Tapiocan when purchasing the Pro version.


If you already have a site created with another platform: you can import the entire site to Tapiocan. And if you have an E-commerce you can import a list of products in a .csv file.

For more information on how to transfer your site to Tapiocan, please search Migration on the tutorial page.


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