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Create a website with only drag-and-drop

The website is like a brick-and-mortar store operating online, display your offerings, interact with customers, and promote transactions. Time to build your online presence using Tapiocan website builder and our stunning templates.

The Features that Help Your Website Converse

SEO Optimization Dashboard

Site Checkup Tool

E-Commerce Store Manager

Ready to stay on the top at Google search engine? Use our SEO optimization dashboard with keywords.

Missing SEO keywords? Have unresponsive components? The site checkup tool ensures your site runs smoothly.

Our all-in-one eCommerce store manager assists you in setting up everything from product listings to shipping.


Logo Design

Booking Services




No matter you are opening a restaurant, cardio studios or offering professional services. We have bookings and reservation management services that meet your needs.

Get closer with your customers

Statistics Dashboard


Do you know who visited your site? When? Where? Why? How?


A visitor from Canada used iPhone 12 with Safari browser to visit your website, stayed 10 seconds duration, Or a visitor from Mexico used Windows laptop with Google Chrom visit your website and stayed 30 minutes.


Marketing Automation

Sending an automated text message or email to your clients?


Tapiocan is featured with a marketing automation functionality in which you could send automated messages to clients. It is a paid service that costs additional charges based on usages.


 Email Marketing

Take advantage of the Email Marketing tool by sending a newsletter to customers


Communicate with your customers when starting a marketing campaign with promotions or launching a new product/service. Let them know immediately. 


Language Translator (50+ Languages)

Do you have customers that read French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, or German?


Use the language translator to translate your website into different languages. It empowers you to reach more targeted customers when you have their languages ready.

Website Statistic Monitoring

Tracking the most important statistics of your website: the average number of visitors, the average duration of each visit and the most searched keywords in searching engines that lead them to your website. If you are looking for advanced monitoring, simply connecting the website to powerful analysis tools like Google Analytics. 

Email Marketing Newsletter

Ready to send out the promotional email with a promo code to your users? Tapiocan is equipped with a real engine to handle the creation of your mail and delivery. You can categorize your customers into lists or segments and send them any communication, such as a promotion or a newsletter, taking advantage of different channels.

SEO Optimization Dashboard

Get found on Google & ranked above your competitors. Inserting keywords into your titles and descriptions. Tapiocan makes it easy for you by providing a built-in SEO dashboard to index your website for you. All changes to your website's text and images are updated automatically. Build powerful content to get found online easily.

e-Commerce Store Manager

Create a stunning online store and showcase your products. You can track your customers' orders, provide different payment methods, and offer discounts/coupon codes during holiday seasons. Unlike other eCommerce website builders, Tapiocan doesn't take any commission fees on your transactions. Your business, your own 100% of your profit.

Social Networks Integration - Reach out to a broader audience by integrating your online store to your social network accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and more.


● Various Payment Options - Your customers could choose their preferred payment option from Paypal, credit card or prepaid card, pay on arrival, and more. We guarantee maximum security in payment procedures, and you can offer your customers to pay with PayPal.


● Showcase Your Products - 6 Different Sizes? 5 Different Colors? 4 Different Materials? No Problem. You are just a view clicks away from selling your products, upload photos, add descriptions and ready to display your goods.